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ABOUT TROOP 787 - Spring 2016 TERM

Troop Information  
We Welcome Visitors Troop 787 Eagle Scouts
Troop Information Packet Troop 787 Woodbadge Graduates
Troop Bylaws Extra Stroke Award Winners
New Parent Assessment Extra Pen Stroke Award Winners
Parents Resource Assessment Troop 787 National Youth Leadership Training NYLT Participation
Scout Leadership Positions Scout Leaders
Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) Trevor B
1st Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) Patrick H
Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL) Andrew M, Joey R,
Patrol Leaders Logan S, Josh C, Liam, D, Aaron M
Junior Assistant Scoutmasters .
Quartermaster Parker K
Chaplain's Aide Daniel C
Scribe Carter B
Librarian Skylar C
Bugler Dion H
Troop Guides Conner A
Assistant Troop Guides
Troop Instructors
OA Scout Representative Sean C
Den Chief Sean G, Ricky K, Jake P, Skylar C
Troop Staff
Leave No Trace Trainer Andre G
Troop Webmaster Slater D
Troop Committee Positions Adult Leaders
Committee Chair Scott Doody
     1st Assistant Committee Chair to be filled Soon
     2nd Assistant Committee Chair to be filled
Treasurer Tim Armstrong
     Assistant Treasurer to be filled
Secretary Scott Doody
     1st Assistant Secretary to be filled Soon
Programs Michael OGrattan
     1st Assistant Programs to be filled Soon
Operations Rochelle Baker
     1st Assistant Operations kimberly Casey
High Adventure Mr. W.
     1st Assistant High Adventure James Kramer
     2nd Assistant High Adventure to be filled
     3rd Assistant High Adventure to be filled
Recruitment John Marinuzzi
     1st Assistant Recruitment Mike Benvenuto
     2nd Assistant Recruitment to be filled
Advancement Karla O'Grattan
     1st Assistant Advancement Sharmila Karnik
     2nd Assistant Advancement to be filled
Adult Training - Lead  to be filled
     Adult Trainers to be filled Soon
     Data Input for Adult Training to be filled
Quartermaster Ryan Altwein
     1st Assistant Quartermaster to be filled Soon
     2nd Assistant Quartermaster to be filled Soon
Parent Members at Large Millie Comer
Adult Leadership Positions Adult Leaders
Scoutmaster Alan Swann
     1st Assistant Scoutmaster Mike Benvenuto
     2nd Assistant Scoutmaster to be filled
Records Karla O'Grattan
     1st Assistant Records to be filled Soon
Rechartering Rochelle Baker
     1st Assistant Rechartering Sharon Duggin
Roundtable Representatives Jerry Sterling
Venture Crew Advisors to be filled
Unit Commissioner to be filled
Webmaster to be filled
     1st Assistant Webmaster to be filled
3T Patrols Jerry Sterling
     1st Assistant 3T Patrols Lori Bickel
Merit Badge Coordinator to be filled
     1st Assistant Merit Badge Coordinator to be filled
NYLT Training Allen Barr
     1st Assistant NYLT Training Mari Wei
     2nd Assistant NYLT Training to be filled
Shirt Nameplates & Awards
     1st Assistant Nameplates & Awards to be filled
Troop Shirts and Hats to be filled
     1st Assistant Troop Shirts and Hats to be filled
Medical Forms Karen Scholte
     1st Assistant Medical Forms to be filled
Troop Photos - Web Photo Album Saints Yuan
     1st Assistant Troop Photos Karen Reuter
     2nd Assistant Troop Photos John Heppert
Troop Historian to be filled
     1st Assistant Troop Historian to be filled
First Aid Box / Supplies Nicole Moran
Extra Stroke Award Jodi Erb
Rank Advisor Adult Leaders
Scout Jerry Sterling
Tenderfoot Jerry Sterling
2nd Class George Yavarinia
1st Class

Joe Rizkallah

Star Christian Simonsen
Life  Ron Ng
Eagle Bill Maul, Jerry Sterling, Jerry Buggert, Chito Parong
Troop Position Advisor Adult Leaders
Scribe Rich Duggin
Quartermaster Ryan Altwein
Historian to be filled
Chaplain's Aide Lori Bickel / Lou Gutierrez (Sponsor)
Librarian to be filled
Bugler to be filled
Order of the Arrow Mari Wei
Fall Camporee Jerry Sterling
Spring Camporee Jerry Sterling
Scout-O-Rama Jerry Sterling


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