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We welcome visitors anytime, just show up at our regular meeting on Monday nights.
When:  from 7:00pm 'till 8:30pm
Where:  at the "Barn" (by the end of parking lot of Coast Bible Church, on 26300 Via Escolar, across the street from Capo Valley High School)
Webelos leaders:

We encourage you to bring your den to visit our troop,  please contact Troop 787 Scoutmaster at scoutmaster787@gmail.com to notify us the date of your visit.

Please note:

To ensure that we do have a meeting on the date you wish to visit us, please check our calendar.

Scouting year 2013:

Our new scouts' program will be starting on February 2013. Webelos scouts bridging into our program are expected to register and attend weekly meetings from that date regardless whether the actual bridging ceremony has taken place or not. If after visiting us your Webelos scout is interested in joining our troop, please notify Troop 787 Scoutmaster at scoutmaster787@gmail.com. For bridging ceremony, arrangements will be made so that representatives of Troop 787 can be present to welcome and receive the bridging scouts into our troop.



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