Mr. W's Gear Guide - More Camping and Backpacking Tips

1).  My first tip I actually learned from Mr. Nielson on the nine peaks hike.  If your water tastes a little funny after filtering, drop a couple of ‘jolly ranchers’ in your water bottle, these dissolve as you are hiking & flavor the water.  Small chunks of orange peel also works especially if iodine tablets were used for purification.

2).  This is for external framers, to conveniently carry water bottles while backpacking, attach bicycle water bottle cages to your frame.  Two ˝” hose clamps will securely hold the cage & water bottle to your frame.   Attach one cage on either side for balance.

3).  Inexpensive shower curtain rings or large diaper pins with plastic safety heads are great for zipper pulls or for hanging sandals, cup, or wet objects on your pack.  The safety pins can also come in handy for emergency repairs.

4).  Ask mom to save prescription medicine containers with the childproof cap.  These are watertight, & make a great containers for matches, concentrated soap, salt, pepper, soy sauce, first aid disinfectant, etc., etc.  Eye drop containers are made out of ‘Nalgene’ & can also be used for carrying liquids.

5).  An effective bug repellent resides in the laundry, use fabric softener sheets, & place them amongst your clothes, & hat while in your backpack.  Place one inside your sleeping bag, it keeps it smelling fresh & thus reduces the wear & tear of frequent washing/dry cleaning.

6).  Here’s one grandma told me.  Pack  some Baking Soda in a 35mm film canister or one of those prescription medicine canisters (ref: tip # 4).  You can mix it with a little water into a paste to soothe insect bites, bee stings, or my favorite, poison ivy.  Sprinkle it into your backpack, sleeping bag, or boots to get rid of odors.  You can even use it as toothpaste, deodorant, & to prevent chafing, if you get my drift.

7).  Pack along a travel pack of ‘baby wipes’ they are easy to use in the privacy of your tent as an alternative when a bath or shower is impossible, they clean, deodorize, & moisturize.

See you on the trail,

Mr. W.


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