1. Be at each troop meeting at least 5 minutes before 7:00 PM to set up the Troop Flag and American Flag stands for the meeting. Remove the Troop Flag and American Flag from the protective covers, unroll them and lean them against the wall near the entry door to the barn. Ask the adult quartermaster if he needs help in setting up for the meeting or moving equipment for an upcoming outing.

2. At the end of the Troop meeting roll the flags up and place them in their protective covers and put them along with the stands back in the library cupboard. Make sure that all 8 plastic folding chairs are back in the church closet. Disconnect the light from the storage container and close and lock the container. Ask the adult quartermaster if there is anything he needs help with anything else before going home.

3. On each outing ask the adult quartermaster if he needs any help setting up equipment. Work with the patrol quartermasters to make sure that all equipment is set up and later packed up correctly and completely before loading on the trailer or in cars.

4. Remind patrol quartermasters to check their patrol boxes to make sure they are complete and clean before each outing. Request replacement equipment or supplies from the adult quartermaster.

 5. If you are unable to attend an outing or troop meeting, assign a substitute and make sure the adult quartermaster knows who that substitute is.


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