Anonymous Patrol Scribe Articles:

Patrol Scribe: Parker

Meeting Location: Barn

Meeting Date: August 24, 2015

Attendance: Nikhil, Parker, Ricky, Liam, Sean

Opening: Ate pizza

Business: Talked about flag, yell, name, and advancements

Skill Activity: Talked about rank advancements

Game: None

Closing: Went to the troop meeting

After the Meeting: Set up as service patrol for troop meetings


Meeting Location: In-N-Out

Meeting Date: August 31, 2015

Attendance: Nikhil, Kyle, Sean C, Liam, Parker

Opening: Order food

Business: Discussed meaning of patrol, discussed patrol yell, worked on rank advancements, worked on service project, made flag

Skill Activity: Wrote yell

Game: Eat off

Closing: Went to the barn

After the Meeting: Troop Meeting




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