1. At the beginning of the term, find out who the Patrol Scribes are and make sure they know the responsibilities of their position. Give them the Patrol Scribe handout which lists the requirements and article due dates. This handout will be given to you by the Troop Scribe Advisor.

2. At the Troop meeting before and the meeting of the Patrol Scribe article due date, announce in front of the Troop when the next article will be due.

3. Write an article about each Troop outing during the term. Describe the outing in detail, and any interesting or funny things that happened to individuals or the group itself. Keep the article upbeat and positive. Use only the first initial of a scout's last name. Turn in the article to the Troop Scribe Advisor - Mr. Duggin at

4. If you are unable to go on a particular Troop outing, designate a scout to write the article about the outing in your place. This could be any scout, though it might be a good choice to ask a Patrol Scribe to fill in for you. Make sure the scout knows what is expected of him. After you designate this scout, make sure that the article is completed and turned in.

 5. At the Court of Honor award the Extra Pen Stroke Award to the Patrol Scribe who does the best job at his position. The winner of this award will be chosen by the Troop Scribe Advisor and two other Scouters.


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